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thank you all for all the comments, faves, and watches! it all means a lot to me. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚


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Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123 Thank You... by jennyleigh .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I love my watchers by KillboxGraphics


hello! B-)

i'm jasmine (they/them or she/her pronouns (ゝ∀・) ☆) and i usually draw fanart for kirby, pokémon, super mario, and occasional art for some other nintendo series, with some steven universe thrown in there sometimes too

sorry if i take like five years to respond to comments – sometimes i forget that i even have a deviantart account, and i generally have trouble with responding to comments after they've been sitting there for a while haha ^^;


that's it really


Tumblr (personal)
Tumblr (art)


Mario 'stache Stamp by SuperTeeter64 Kirby Face Stamp by VampireJaku Dot Dot Dot. by Hurricane-Hannah
OMG- Oh my growth by prosaix In need of life by prosaix Protect LGBTQIA+ Kids Stamp by oceanstamps

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(time for the "don't take these seriously" stamps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Waluigi Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Move over, Depp! by RosalinasSoulmate Meme stamp by stellarbuck sonic sees you sinning by kinglysSTAMPS Metaknight isn't Gay Stamp by MoonWarriorAutumn



apparently it's my 6th anniversary of being on deviantart


i can't believe i've been on this website for almost a third of my whole life
apparently an anonymous deviant gave me a 3-month core membership

thank you, anonymous deviant
something that i probably should have mentioned earlier: i'm not going on deviantart much until i finish pokémon sun and moon, because this is the place where i'd probably be faced with the most major spoilers

so, sorry for not responding to messages or looking at anyone's art or anything like that

i think i'm pretty close to the end of the main story, so it shouldn't be long until i'm back and at it again
please tell me that someone has done loss.jpg as a deviantart 16th anniversary template drawing thing, i need this in my life
apparently i hit 500 watchers recently o: thank you all so much!!!!! that's so cool!!!

i can't help but wonder if any of you have been watching me since i first began in 2011... how did you manage to make it through those dark times lmao
tagged by WhiteKitsuneKnight!


  1. Copy and paste these rules if you're lazy not rebellious enough to type them all in yourself
  2. Type 13 things about yourself
  3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own!
  4. Tag 13 deviants. Or at least some. Tag backs are allowed
  1. i actually find it very hard to find somewhat interesting facts about myself but let's try i guess... uh... i've been drawing (somewhat) seriously since 2011, though a lot of you probably already know that
  2. nintendo games are literally my only interest (aside from the much-more-minor-but-still-significantly-prevalent interest of steven universe). i find it very hard to get into anything else. it's literally all that i think about (and if we want to get Serious for a moment here, it's pretty much my only coping mechanism or form of escapism, and if i didn't have it, who knows how much more Sad And Stuff i'd be now lmao). what an amazing life i lead
  3. there's a drawing i'm currently working on that i've been working on since about january (on and off, of course... because i lose motivation so easily lmao). it's a bigger-scale drawing than usual, and it's meant to be for pokémon's 20th anniversary... yeah, i'm a bit late to that party lmao. but look forward to that in the near future, i guess! i want to get it done by the end of june, but it should be done way before then (if i don't get even more lazy, haha)
  4. my biggest fears are bugs and the inevitability/nothingness of death
  5. one time i had a panic attack over not knowing how to use an opal card (…). and by "one time" i mean "3 or so months ago". truly a highlight of my pathetic, anxiety-filled life lmao
  6. surprisingly, i've never cried while playing a video game (though i do get Quite Emotional during certain parts of various pokémon mystery dungeon games lmao)
  7. but i have cried as a result of steven universe... three times lmao. the first was in that iconic rose video tape scene in lion 3 straight to video (the only time i was crying while watching the scene), the second was right after the song it's over isn't it, from mr greg (it was like – i spent the whole song itself gushing over how amazing it was, and then paused it at the end and started crying about it lmao), and the third was due to the song here comes a thought, from mindful education (where i didn't cry during the episode, but rather, i was reading an online comment about the song's relation to anxiety and such, and started crying while reading that comment haha). of course, all of those times have been tears of happiness. thank you steven universe
  8. i've never left new south wales (except for one school trip to canberra, but ACT is like right in the middle of NSW so i don't really count that)
  9. i'm not very much of an animal person. i'm fine with seeing pictures or videos of them, of course, but i don't like being around many animals irl. they just make me anxious (like pretty much everything, apparently)
  10. i have never drank coffee or tea (except i think i tried tea once, a long time ago, but i don't remember lol)
  11. i am a very slow drawer (in terms of full-on, coloured and shaded drawings). this is because i am both lazy and a perfectionist
  12. despite living in australia for my whole life, i only really started using "mate" in my regular vocabulary somewhat recently. it's a fun word to throw in there sometimes
  13. my greatest achievement ever will always be when i was in year 10 (2013 – i was 15 years old) and we had to do an in-class english essay on to kill a mockingbird within a 60 minute time limit or something like that (it was probably less than that idk). i had not read the book in the slightest, i didn't listen at all when we were discussing the book in class (i spent all of those lessons on tumblr lmao... don't do that kids), and i didn't do any studying or preparation until the night before the exam... and that preparation consisted of me looking up the themes of the book online and memorising them... and somehow... by some incredible miracle... i went in there, wrote the essay, and ended up getting full marks. 20/20. top of the class. i didn't even read the god damn book and i completely aced the essay. that feat of pure luck and probably a bit of smarts deep down somewhere will live on as the only thing i can be legitimately proud of (...though not proud of at the same time, due to my terrible studying habits leading up to that lmao. to any year 10s reading this: please actually read your given texts and listen in class lmao)
   1. Cats vs dogs is overrated; Are you a Bird or Lizard person?

i wouldn't like to be in the vicinity of either, but if i had to choose, i guess a lizard

   2. Do you call it tin foil, or aluminum foil? Or do you call it something else?
uhh... i think i use both? i can't really recall at the moment

   3. Do you collect anything?
other than the general junk i tend to hoard, i guess not... though i guess i've got a little collection of pokémon plushes going, so maybe that :shrug:

  4. Would you rather know every language in the world, or be good with every musical instrument in the world?
probably every language – while i'd love to be able to actually play music or something, being able to understand everyone would be pretty sweet

  5. A "bad habit" other people can have that doesn't actually bother you?
uhhhh..... i guess people clicking their pens???? i really don't know lmao

  6. Either your favorite legendary pokemon, OR your favorite D&D monster?
probably deoxys B-)

  7. What non-domestic (but real world) animal would you like to ride into battle? It can be something small that's been sized up.

i just realised that the question said non-domestic, but oh well, my answer still stands

  8. A pet peeve that could make it hard for you to make friends?
these questions are so hard because i just – don't ever think about my own likes and dislikes and stuff like that. like i honestly don't know. who even am i honestly

  9. Do you like the look of Eastern or Western dragons more?
i don't know, both are pretty cool! but i guess i'll choose eastern :shrug:

  10. What's an anime trope that you used to like/be neutral about, but bothers you now?
:shrug::shrug::shrug: there's probably a ton of Problematic tropes and such that i used to be fine with but now am annoyed about and dislike... but i can't think of anything specific because i watch very little anime to begin with lmao

  11. What's an art form you wish you could be good at, but you really don't want to put the effort towards?


  12. How many pets do you have? Of what kind?
none, which probably explains why i am generally so Adverse to animals

  13. What's your favorite perfume/cologne/body lotion/spray scent?
...none, again. i really don't have a life, do i lmao


...i'm not gonna tag anyone, so i am also not gonna write any questions, sorry haha
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  • Drinking: water. stay hydrated kids

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